Sunday, April 22, 2012

Since we're talking about werewolves and cake....

Have some werewolf cakes!  Or at least horrible fails of werewolf cakes I have found.  Just because.

Now I don't know where most of these images came from.  I just have found them over the years in my net searchings, so I did not create them, nor I don't really know who created them (some are marked).  I do not claim any of these as my own!

Simply amazing.  Perhaps it's related to a lamprey....
Is it poop????
What is this I don't even.... D:
Scarey, but not for the reasons they intended....
The dead body is a nice touch.
Surprise!  Werewolf buttseks!
Why the big nostrils???
Is it a bear???
A wookie?  Bigfoot?
I'm not even sure what it is....
And these sad, sad things were my birthday cupcakes this year.  Sandra went with a local cupcake shoppe and requested pink werewolf cupcakes.  She was very specific, with snouts and ears and all.  This is what we got.  The decorator insisted she knew what she was doing.  Sigh.  At least they were very tasty :9
Thanks for looking, and laughing ^.^

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