Sunday, July 8, 2012


July is here and the monsoons have finally come to the desert Southwest.  Hooray for cooler temps and daily rains!  We are enjoying the relief here at Casa de Wolfsisters and are also enjoying the bounty it is bringing to our garden!  July is the beginning of our Summer Madness, wherein we cram as much into two months as we possibly can.  July is the month of busting butt to make enough stock (matted prints and frames) to see us through the Summer shows, as well as coming up with new t-shirt designs and pendants.  In between all of that we try our best to get some art finished because come the end of the month, it's GO time!

So while I am busy up to my eyeballs with all of that, I am going to endeavor to keep up on my blogs.  I've created another blog, The Art of Goldenwolf, where I will be showcasing new art, writing essays of an arty nature, and handing out art tips and tutorials here and there.  So that's three blogs now to take care of and post to.  Ugh.  That's a lot more work on top of my workload.  So why am I bothering when I am so damned busy otherwise?

Because I love to write. 

Writing has been my passion long before I ever picked up a crayon to color or a pencil to draw.  Writing has always been where I could escape and daydream, where I could explore my inner landscapes and outer imaginings.  Writing is how I express myself the best.  My art is like a gorgeous gown that I wear and show off to everyone.  Writing is the actual person under the gown.  Writing is who I am.  But I have always been really, sadly, poorly disciplined when it comes to writing.  I rarely write, and when I do it is a small blurb or an essay, and only when the mood strikes me.  I never feel that what I have to say is good enough, or worthy enough to write about.  I need to break this thinking, and just like my art I -need- to get disciplined with it.  What better way than a blog?  Or a few blogs?

Blogging is what the writer in me desperately needs.

So I will endeavor to write a blog post to at least one of my blogs once a day.  Yep, -once a day-.  Even if it's something short like proclaiming my love of chickens, or why coffee is my bane and savior, or an awesome dream I had.  I will write -something-.  I spend more time surfing than it would take to pump out a few paragraphs.  And if they are good I may actually get people following me!  And if I get enough people following me...I might end up with more time for writing...and art!

I don't know if I will be successful at this, but I need this.  I need to write.  I know I have said it before and I will say it again: I. Need. To. Write.  I can do this.  I have to do this.

And now, have a really badass werewolf from the BBC series "Being Human", because that is what I am watching right now and it is some serious WIN!  GO GEORGE!

And a delicious Summer-y pink lemonade cuppycake!  Mmmmmm :9

Stay cool out there everyone, and have a fun July!

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