Thursday, April 19, 2012


So yes, I have finally decided to poke my head out of my shell and start sharing a bit of my life again. Why? Well mainly because I love to write, and also I have become curious about the art of "blogging". Years ago you just had a forum, or a LiveJournal, and therein you wrote about your latest bowel movement, or the great cheeseburger you just ate. Now it's termed "blogging" and people actually make careers out of this? So I am seeing what the big hairy deal is about having an official "blog". And it gives me an excuse to write, even if it is about cheeseburgers. Or cupcakes.

So here I go, experimenting with writing about myself, my thoughts, my opinions, and my life. I would like to think that I am older and wiser now and will do okay with it (as in not making an ass of myself). In searching myself I find I do have a lot to talk about, but mainly it will be thoughts on the things I love, the things that inspire me, my love for being silly, and generally "positive" things. But there will be a lot of randomness as well.

I hope you enjoy what I share here. I look forward to trying this out :)

Love and Pink Frosting!



  1. I feel like a stalker, watching you at all these places.... but oh well, I love ya! :D